360 Degree Rotation 9D Godzilla VR Simulator with 12 Shooting Games

  • Attractive appearance

    Just like a real Godzilla Moster is Rotating

  • Special effects

    It can move left, right, up, down, and also can rotate 360 degree…

  • Rich content

    Big pendulum, Rollercoaster, Moon station, Pirate ship, Star war…and 12 Shooting Games

Product details

Godzilla VR is the only one 2 seats VR platform can 360 degrees rotation in the market, combining the 360 degrees viewing vr glasses, can show you the best VR experience every! And 9D VR not only can watch a immersive 9D movies, also allow us to play an interactive games. You can aim at your target with your glasses and shooting the monster, come enjoy the amazing games together!


1.All iron and steel appearance, very strong!

2. Others 2 seats can not 360 rotate, this one could 360 rotate!!!

3. Touch screen control system, more easy to control!

4. With Pico VR glasses, let you experience the movies more clear.

5. With 90 total movies for free, among 12 games for interactive

games, more attractive! also will update the movies following.

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